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PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:50 pm 

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Aadesh Shrivastav passed away Sept 5.

Post Deleted.


Update: Aadesh Shrivastav passed away Sept 5.
Please post further comments in the thread:

PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:50 pm 
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Found an article on Shakila. I'm not sure how old it really is, but it's good to see her in a hearty and healthy state.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:39 pm 

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rana wrote:
Was just wondering about another actor that appeared in so many films (over 500), Nazir Hussain.

Don't think he is alive anymore but no mention of his passing away anywhere on the web. But, his bio etc is in past tense, at places.

He was born 1924 (or 1922) and his last films were in mid 1980s.


Another famous name Nasir Hussain, Amir Khan's uncle (1931 - 2002)


Any relation between these two Nasir Hussains ?? Both Nazir/ Nasir and Hussain/ Hussein spellings are mixed up in various film credits and web pages.

There are/ were two different Nasir/ Nazir Hussain in Bollywood, born 1924 (or 1922), 1931. Both spelling Nasir and Nazir were used for both of them. One born 1931 (died 2002) is Amir Khan's uncle and famous film maker. The other born 1924/ 1922 is the famous character actor and he may or may not be alive ??

Often there is a mix-up when reporting on either of the two. Recently, in a major newspaper news article Aamir Khan inaugurating/ announcing his uncle Nasir Hussain's biography, the picture associated was that of Nazir Hussain, the actor. I can't find that link at the moment, but with google search you can see mix-ups. For example, Google pictures results and another one at this link: ... ssain.html
There are many such mix-ups.

It's possible, Nazir Hussain, the actor, may still be living ?? I haven't found any news to otherwise.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:08 pm 

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There is a South Indian character actor NASIR too

PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:10 am 

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rana wrote:

It's possible, Nazir Hussain, the actor, may still be living ?? I haven't found any news to otherwise.

IMDB had no listing of his death but as per Wikipedia, Nazir Hussain (Actor) died in 1987 (15 May 1922 – 16 October 1987). ... uri_Cinema

BTW, I did mention his birth year as 1924 earlier. But, I think Wikipedia must be more accurate (1922) than IMDB as it even gives exact dates.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:16 pm 

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Not much info is available on IMDB about the famous legendary singer/ actor C H Atma (died 1975) and Actor Sajjan (died May 17, 2000). I'm gathering info about these two, from here and there, and will post it in the coming days.

C H Atma: (Many famous songs) I recall: Acted in Geet Gaya Patthron Ne (Chacha) and sang "Mandhve Tale Ghareeb Ke Do Phool Khil Rahe Hain".

Sajjan: Used to come as hero in the late 40s, early 50s. In the later years: Major role April Fool and argueably main lead in Tasveer (Feroz Khan, Kalpana).

(Feel free to post about these two if you find any info, before I get to compile and post the info. Thank you.)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:57 pm 

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USHA KIRAN (1929-2000)
(Usha Kiron)

This famous name is mentioned in many films starcast in zulm threads, but nothing more.

She did act in some big movies as heroine. And major role in many big films. She even won a Filmfare award for Best Supporting Actress (Baadbaan 1954).
Other some of the Noteworthy films:

Daag 1952 (Dilip Kumar) Major role.

Patita 1953 Heroine opp Dev Annand

Baadbaan 1954 (Dev Annand, Ashok Kumar, Meena Kumari) - Won Filmfare Best Supporting Actress

Aulad 1954 Heroine (Balraj Sahni)

Adhikaar 1954 Heroine Kishore Kumar

Guru Ghantaal 1956 (Ajit, Meena Kumari) Major Role

Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere 1960 (Dharminder) Major Role (Not sure if Kumkum was heroine or Usha Kiron)

Mehndi Rang Lagyo 1960 (Rajinder Kumar) Heroine

Kabuliwala 1961 (Balraj Sahni) Main Female Lead

Of coure in later years she appeared in Mother role in films but perhaps not too many.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:22 pm 
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Yesterday, the forgotten Shakila took her last breath. She'd been on an exile from the Bollywood community since 1962, but was reported to be an active patron of various charitable organizations. She spent her life in London, however did pay visits to Mumbai regularly.

Her niece was interviewed by a blogger in the year 2013. Along with the interview is also attached a very recent picture of her. ... akila/amp/

An old interview with Shakila

PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:12 pm 
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:15 pm 

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Ifran Khan Very Unwell
Quote: ... long-time/

Irrfan Khan very unwell, unlikely to return to work for a very long time
BySubhash K. Jha
Mar 8, 2018 - 10:30 am IST

With the film industry fearing the worst about Irrfan Khan’s health, and close friends of the actor confirming the worst, it appears as though Irrfan would be away from the arc lights for quite a while now. “It’s unlikely that he will return to active shooting for quite a while now…Can’t put a number on his absence of leave. But the treatment is going to be a long process,” says a source in the know.

Worst hit on the professional level is Vishal Bhardwaj’s adaptation of crime reporter-author Hussain Zaidi gangster story Sapna Didi featuring Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan. While Deepika and Irrfan both reported sick, Irrfan’s illness is far more serious than originally assumed.

Prernaa Arora who’s the co-producer on the project, says the delay is not of importance as long as the actor gets well. Sounding really upset Prernaa says, “We were about to begin shooting from next week. Vishal Sir had just come back from his final recce. We were all so excited and happy. Now this has happened. Irrfan Khan Sir and Deepika M’aam are our first and only choice .The way things are going in this world makes you wonder where we’re heading. Life is so unpredictable. Every moment warns us not take life for granted, to look after ourselves and our loved ones.”

The worried producer says she has been on tenterhooks about Irrfan’s health. “When Vishal Sir (Bhardwaj) and learnt about Irrfan Sir’s illness I felt very uneasy and depressed. I just wish Irrfan Sir to get well soon. He is a fighter, a self-made success-story and an inspiration to so many of us. I know he will be well soon. He is a fighter and to he was always been a source of inspiration.”

Recalling her association with the actor Prernaa says, “I met Irrfan Sir through Vishal Sir. They go back a long way. They love each other so much. I am so fond of both and their work together in Maqbool and Saat Khoon Maaf. I am big fan of their work. From Day 1 Vishal sir was sure Irrfan Sir was going to be the one and only choice for this role. And that’s the way it’s going to remain. We wish Irrfan Sir speedy recovery and can’t wait to start our film with him.”

PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:05 am 

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Recall old forgotten but memorable hit song:
Tasveer Banaata Hoon Tasveer Nahin Banti
by Talat Mehmood
Film Baradari

But, did you know the Music Director ??
No, it's not Naushad. It's Nashad.
Very similar names from the same era.

Later, I noticed, IMDB Baradari music to Naushad, credited as Nashad ?? ... cl_sm#cast

On the other hand Nashad has his own page on IMDB, where his name comes up with music of mostly Pakistani films (and also Baradari).

Any one knows for sure if Nashad and Naushad is the same person or if Baradari music was by Nashad (not Naushad) ??

PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:33 pm 

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rana wrote:
Chandrashekhar (Cha Cha Cha fame):

In thew 50s and 60s, he was a big name. I'm sure he acted as a hero in some low budget films. But, mostly in supporting roles and a few major side hero roles.

He produced, directed and acted in Cha Cha Cha.

His first film as listed at is 1951 film Nirdoshi and then a 1952 famous film Daag (Dilip, Nimmi).
Is it same Chandrashekhar that's in film Three Idiots as "Airlines Ground Staff 2 " ??
Before this he is credited with year 2000 films Kaali Topi Lal Rumal and Khauf.

Born in 1922, does it make him the oldest active actor in Bollywood at 89 Yrs for Three Idiots ??

Any screen shots from his early days as compared to his present look ??

Listening to Ameen Sayani's Geetmala Ki Chhaon Mein, Ameen Sayani Jee mentioned that in 2014, Chandrashekhar is still well and active in films, at age 90. Lets hope he is still alive, well and active. Must be 95 now. Keeping fingers crossed for him to go the Zohra Sehgal way (or even better - live longer), who was active and lived to age 102.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 1:29 am 

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Another Forgotten/ Not Heard recently:
Music Diorector S. Mohinder

Settled in US since 1982.

I just copied this link text below. Please go to the link to listen/ view the music that's in that webpage.

Forgotten Composers Unforgettable Melodies: S Mohinder

8th September 2017

Wishing S Mohinder (b. 8 September 1925?) a very happy 92nd birth anniversary (and wishing Asha Bhosle a very happy 84th birth anniversary)

S MohinderGuzra hua zamana aata nahi dubara, hafiz khuda tumhara. This one song is enough to make S Mohinder immortal. But he also composed many more memorable and extremely sweet as well as fast-paced peppy numbers. He is among the music directors who had a wide range in the style of music as well as choice of singers. It is the vagary of the showbiz that a talented composer like him was not counted among the top rung. But some of his songs dominated the airwaves in the programmes on old film music, Guzra hua zamana being an eternal favourite. He was in my list for the series on “Forgotten Composers Unforgettable Melodies”. I would have written on him at leisure. But, despite this year being quite tight in scheduling, I had to do it now in deference to the sincere request made more than once by our passionate reader, KS Bhatia.

S Mohinder is the last of the doyens of the golden era still among us, though living in the US since 1982. He visits India regularly. There are a number of very nice articles on him available on the net. There is also a long interview with him on Rajya Sabha TV in their Guftgoo series. I am happy to present this article as our greetings to him on his 92nd birth anniversary. Today is also Asha Bhosle’s 84th birth anniversary. Incidentally, S Mohinder was equally well disposed towards her and composed some excellent songs for her, too. Here is wishing her a very happy birthday and long life.

Born on 8 September 1925 in village Silanwala of Montgomery district of undivided Punjab (now in Pakistan), S Mohinder inherited the love for music from his father, Sujan Singh Bakshi, who was a police sub-inspector and who also played the flute. His father’s transferable job brought him to various places: Nankana, where the family lived for four years and S Mohinder completed his matric from there in 1942. There he was attracted towards the singing of a Sikh guru in the gurudwara, and he learnt the songs sung by him. One day, while passing by the gurudwara, S Mohinder was singing the shabad which the guru used to sing. Impressed by his voice, the guru called him in and took him under his tutelage. The family moved to Lyallpur where he continued his training under a Sikh guru Bhai Sujan Singh. He also learnt classical music from Bade Ramdasji of Benaras.

His first interest was singing. His first programme was for Lahore AIR in the mid-40s. Once in May 1947, after finishing his programme at Lahore AIR, he headed towards station and bought a ticket for Lyallpur. There was melee on the platform, and rumour of Pakistan being created was in the air. When the train didn’t come for a long time, he asked the coolie what the matter was. The coolie told him that the trains have become killing fields; the Frontier Mail going for Bombay was standing on the station, and he should just board the train if he wanted to save his life.

Having reached Bombay without ticket and with nothing on, he took shelter in a Dadar gurudwara. But it allowed a continuous stay only for a week. When he was given notice on Sunday to leave on Monday, he told the management that he could sing Shabads. They liked his singing, and allowed him to continue. He was also paid for his singing which gave him sufficient funds to go in search of work. He was lucky to find work soon, thanks to the help of Suraiya, who was impressed by his singing at Lahore AIR, which she had visited when she had gone to Lahore in connection with the release of Anmol Ghadi. She told him that if he needed any help in Bombay, he could look her up.

S Mohinder got his first break with Sehra (1948), starring Arun Ahuja and Nirmala Devi (Govinda’s parents). Nirmala and Arun were the main singers, too, in the film, in which S Mohinder also sang a song, Ae dil uda ke le chal. He composed a song for Lata Mangeshkar for the film Shaadi Ki Raat (1950), which became immensely popular. Seth Chandulal Shah of Ranjt Movietone was very impressed by his music, and offered him to compose music for Dev Anand-Suraiya-starrer Neeli (1950), provided Suraiya approved his songs. That was not a problem. He signed a contract for Rs 7000, plus Rs 3000 for his accompanists. The songs of this film were quite popular.

Ranjit repeated him in Bahadur and Paapi (1953) which had some very good songs. S Mohinder was all set now. Naata (1955) was his next noticeable film. This was followed by his landmark music in Shirin Farhad (1956), which had the immortal Guzra hua zamana aata nahi dobara. He continued to give music till the late 60s. While Hindi film music scene was quite crowded, he was the leading composer in Punjabi films. He got the National Award for his music in Nanak Naam Jahaz (1969).

He also tried his hand at film production towards the last phase of his music career, but that did not succeed. As you can see from his interview with Rajya Sabha TV under their ‘Guftgoo’ series, even at the age of 90-plus, he has an amazing memory. He is the last of the Vintage Era/Golden Era doyens still among us. It gives me great pleasure to pay my tribute to him on his 92nd birth anniversary with some of his best songs.

1. Guzra hua zamana aata nahi dobara by Lata Mangeshkar from Shirin Farhad (1956), lyrics Tanvir Naqvi

I start with the song that made S Mohinder unforgettable. A sad, melancholic song which refers not only to the tragic love legend of Shirin and Farhad, but also to the universal feeling of loss and sadness about any memory or era that has Gone With The Wind.

2. Hum dil ki kahani kya kahte kuchh kah na sake kuchh kah bhi gaye by Lata Mangeshkar from Shaadi Ki Raat (1950), lyrics Firoz

A wonderful song on the theme of Kuchh to log kahenge. The main music director of this film was Pt Govind Ram, but three songs of this film, including this wonderful Lata Mangeshkar solo, are composed by S Mohinder. This song was mentioned prominently by him in his interview with RSTV.

3. Phool khilein hain gulshan mein by Suraiya from Neeli (1950), lyrics lyrics Surjit Sethi

This was the song he presented before Suraiya before he got the nod for giving music for Neeli.

4. Ulfat ka adhura afsana kuchh bhool gaye kuchh yaad bhi hai by Suraiya from Neeli (1950), lyrics Surjit Sethi

But my favouite Suraiya song from Neeli is this one.

5. Kagwa re ja balma ke deswa by Rajkumari from Bahadur (1953), lyrics Raja Mehdi Ali Khan

One of the best Bhairavis, and one of the best Rajkumari songs, though less heard.

6. Tera kaam hai jalna parwaane chaahe shama jale ya na jale by Rafi from Paapi (1953), lyrics Rajendra Krishna

But in 1953, the songs of Raj Kapoor-Nargis-starrer Paapi became better known. Here is a quite popular Rafi song, lip-synched by Raj Kapoor.

7. Kaun kahe unse ja ke ae huzoor by Asha Bhosle from Paapi (1953), lyrics Sarshar Sailani

This must be one of the most melodious songs of Asha Bhosle from the early 50s. (The uploader of the YT link has wrongly attributed it to Lata Mangeshkar.)

8. Dhadake dhadake rah rah ke…Maujon ka ishara hai by Rafi, Balbir, Lata Mangeshkar and Shamshad Begum from Nata (1955), lyrics Tanveer Naqvi

S Mohinder now gives the full rainbow of colours in this song, which has tonga beats, boatmen’s chorus, and a melodious romantic song by the leading lady Madhubala lip-synching in Lata’s voice, with Chanchal adding contrast in Shamshad Begum’s voice.

9. Is bewafa jahan ka dastoor hai purana by Lata Mangeshkar from Nata (1955), lyrics Tanveer Naqvi

In the same film, S Mohinder now gives an absolutely melodious melancholic song. I heard this for the first time while working for this post. It is surprising that such gems have remained hidden.

10. Gar tum bura na maano by Subir Sen and Asha Bhosle from Mehlon Ke Khwab (1960), lyrics Raja Mehdi Ali Khan

Continuing to show his multifaceted talent, S Mohinder composes this melodious duet for an unlikely combination of Subir Sen and Asha Bhosle.

11. Kamla Razia ya Miss Marry ya ho Preetam Kaur by Mahendra Kapoor, Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar from Mehlon Ke Khwab (1960), lyrics Anand Bakhshi

S Mohinder changes tack completely in this song from the same film, when he composes a lively Bhangra dance song.

12. O mere pyaro zameen ke taaro jana tumhein hai kahan by Rafi, Asha Bhosle and Sudha Malhotra from Zameen Ke Taare (1960), lyrics Pt Indra

In the same year, in another B-grade film, S Mohinder composes an inspirational song, Anwar now being in the role of the benign uncle with two children, a reprise of David in Boot Polish.

13. Jhoom ke piya ki gali ghoom ke khushi mein chali aa rahi aa rahi hun by Suman Kalyanpur from Jai Bhawani (1961), lyrics Gopal Singh Nepali

Devotional films in the 60s were generally B grade films, but Jai Bhawani had one of my top favourites of Suman Kalyanpur. You don’t often get songs as sweet as Jhoom ke piya ki gali.

14. Shama se koi kah de by Mukesh and Suman Kalyanpur from Jai Bhawani (1961), lyrics Gopal Singh Nepali

This film also had this terrific duet by Mukesh and Suman Kalyanpur.

15. Aankh sharmaane lagi by Suman Kalyanpur from Captain Sheroo (1963), lyrics Naqsh Layalpuri

But grade ‘B’ film did not deter S Mohinder from composing another absolutely melodious song in the voice of Suman Kalyanpur.

16. Yun mile ki mulaqaat ho na saki by Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur from Sarfarosh (1964), lyrics Naqsh Layalpuri

Here is another variety of dish by S Mohinder, now a qawwali by Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur from another ‘B’-grade film.

17. Bijli giri kahan se begaane ho gaye hum by Rafi from Picnic (1966), lyrics Majrooh Sultanpuri

I end this post with a superlative sad Rafi song in a situation where the beloved is getting married to another guy.

P.S. Several sources mention S Mohinder’s date of birth as 24 February 1925. From the comments of N Venkataraman and Arunkumar Deshmukh below, it seems there is stronger evidence in favour of 24 February.

Acknowledgements and references

1. Guftgoo interview with DD Rajya Sabha
2. Article by Hardip Singh ‘Aulja’ at
3. Article by Darkndusky Hoon at ... -mohinder/
4. Article at Beete hue din ... ara-s.html
5. Wherever the video link of a song is of poor quality, I have taken the audio version.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 5:11 am 
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This article features a recent interview with the actress. ... lo-ji-azra

Some films from her filmography include:
Mother India, 1957
Taxi 555, 1958
Ghar Ghar Ki Baat, 1958
Babar, 1960
Love In Simla, 1960
Junglee, 1961
Gunga Jumna, 1961
Ishara, 1964
Baharon Ke Sapne, 1967
Wapas, 1969
Mahal, 1969
Raja Saheb, 1969
My Love, 1970
Ilzaam, 1970
Shaan-E-Khuda, 1971
Pocketmaar, 1974

Her joining the film industry happened by chance. Mehboob Khan's wife Sardar Akhtar took notice of her beauty and gave her a chance to act in Mehboob Khan's "Mother India". The girl who had been signed for the role of Chandra (the ladylove of Birju, played by Sunil Dutt) was in Lucknow had suddenly taken ill and couldn't reach Mumbai for the shoot. That's how Sardar Akhtar called Arza to take up the part, who, without any planning, became an actress.
In 1971, she got married into one of Bombay's well known business families. No one at her in-law's home had any relation with the film world nor did they want to keep any such relation. This is the reason she preferred to cut off all her ties with the film world.

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Perhaps we mentioned this name before, but did not find any search results in zulm. Perhaps, we didn't.

This is another famous name from the 50s and 60s. Recall Chitra-Azad pairing, in main leads, in many 'B' movies.

She passed away in 2006. (not sure if we noticed and posted this in zulm thread 'The Departed')


Chitra is an actress, known for Mayurpankh (1954), Reporter Raju (1962) and Zimbo (1958).

Passed away in 2006.
Changed her name from Afsar Unissa Begum to Chitra for her career.
She from a nawabi (royal) family of Hyderabad/ Chitra had come to Bombay for holidays, and was fond of movies. When she got a offer to act, she jumped at it.
Not to be confused with Marathi actress Chitra Nawathe who married director Raja Nawathe. The other Chitra danced in Hindi films with the screen name "Kumud" (Not Chuggani). Chitra Nawathe sister Rekha Kamat was also a actress in Marathi films.

Known For
Reporter Raju
Reporter Raju
Leela Devi
Shahi Lutera
Shahi Lutera
Show Show all |
| Edit
Hide Hide Actress (86 credits)
1983 Razia Sultan
1982 Desh Premee
1982 Nek Parveen
1976 Aap Beati
1975 Samasya
1967 Lav-Kush
1966 Jadoo
1965 Jadui Angoothi
1965 Main Hoon Jadugar
1965 Noor Mahal
Malin / Rooh / Hunterwali
1965 Baghi Haseena
1965 Chhupa Rustam
1965 Shahi Lutera
1965 Shahi Raqasa
1965 Tarzan and the Circus
1964 Magic Carpet
1964 Tarzan and the Mermaid
1964 Challenge
1964 Idd Ka Chand
1964 Khufia Mahal
1964 Tarzan and Captain Kishore
1964 Tarzan and Delilah
1963 Subhadra Haran
1963 Thoratanchi Kamala
1963 Zarak Khan
1963 Tarzan and the Magician
1963 Patal Nagri
1962 Maya Jaal
1962 Reporter Raju
1962 Kala Samundar
1961 Murad
1961 Saaya
1961 Diamond King
1961 Howrah Express
1961 Room No.17
1960 Aanchal
1960 Do Dost
1960 Qatil
1960 Zalim Tera Jawab Nahin
1960 Zimbo Shaher Mein
1960 Pedro
1959 Baap Bete
1959 Madari
1959 O Tera Kya Kahna
1959 Behram Daku
1959 Nek Khatoon
1958 Kabhi Andhera Kabhi Ujala
1958 Khazanchi
Geeta Mohan
1958 Zimbo
Leela Devi
1958 Neelofar
1958 Sair-E-Paristan
1958 Shan-E-Hatim
1957 Bansari Bala
1957 Pak Daman
1957 Perveen
1957 Sati Pariksha
1957 Shahi Bazar
1956 Zindagi Ke Mele
1956 Alam Ara
1956 Baghi Sardar
1956 Basre Ki Hoor
1956 Indra Sabha
1956 Kala Chor
1956 Lal E Yaman
1956 Naqab Posh
1956 Sultan - E- Alam
1955 Aaj Ki Baat
1955 Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja
1955 Baghdad Ka Chor
1955 Hoor-E-Arab
1955 Alladin Ka Beta
1955 Darbar
1955 Hatimtai Ki Beti
1955 Mano Na Mano
1955 Roop Basant
1955 Sakhi Hatim
1955 Son of Ali Baba
1954 Chor Bazar
1954 Maan
1954 Mayurpankh
1954 Sahil
1954 Tilottama
1953 Devbappa
1953 Do Bigha Zamin
1953 Gulacha Ganapati
1952 Lakhachi Gosht

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