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PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:15 pm 

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Whatever little activity at zulm these days, but what we have amassed in zulm is humongous. In addition to whatever we have already put in, in different threads, I thought of another topic and let's continue:

Music Directors and Assistants under them that went on to become independent Music Directors later on:

From the 50s and 60s we all know many famous Assistant Music Directors.
Like, Dattaram was Assistant to Shankar Jaikishan, KJAJ was assistant to Hemant Kumar, LKPL was assistant to KJAJ, RD Burman was assistant to his father SD Burman, and many other such assistants and are mostly well known.

But, one Music Director and his assistant, I saw in film credits, came as a total surprise and am sure, no one recalls it or knows it.
Watching a DVD of RD Burman's first film as Music Director, CHHOTE NAWAB, I noticed in film credits that Lakshmikant Pyarelal were the Assistant Music Directors in this film. Not even IMDB lists LKPL as Assistant Music Director for Chhote Nawab. But in film credits it was in Black & White.

RD Burman's first film as Music Director was Chhote Nawab (1961). (Famous song: O Matwali Aankhon Waale)
LKPL's first film as Music Director was PARASMANI (1963). (Famous song: Hasta Hua Nooraani Chehra)

I (and perhaps anyone), never knew that LKPL ever was assistant to RD Burman in any film.

Another peculiar tidbit about Chhote Nawab Credits: Beginning credits are rolled in reverse of normal covention. Like, Director name comes first, then Producer, Story, Music Director, Lyrics, Misc, Playback, Assistants and in the end of credits, small starcast first and the main starcast in the end and then the film name CHHOTE NAWAB. Reverse of what we normally see.

Any other Tidbit ??

PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:18 am 

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Guide-Mose chaal kiye ja (Saiyyan beimaan)
Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, who is famous Santoor player, played Tabla in this song on the request from R.D. Burman.

Amar Prem-Chingari koi bhadke
You can see Hoogly river and Hawra bridge in background.
But, this song was not shot in Culcutta, but picturized in a studio in Mumbai. This was done because Shakti Samanta didn't get shooting permission in Culcutta.

Amar Prem-Doli mein bithai ke
This is first song in Hindi film industry, where father (SD) is singer and son is music director (RD).

Hariyali Aur Rasta-It had two title songs.
Bol meri taqdeer mein-Tune composed by Shankar.
Yeh hariyali aur yeh rasta-Tune composed by Jaikishan
Shankar and Jaikishan used to prepare tunes separately. Director Vijay Bhatt liked both tunes, so both tunes/songs were included in the film.

Aap Aaye Bahaar Ayee-Tumko bhi to aisa hi kuchh
The only song sung by Kishore Kumar and picturized (and lipsync) on Rajendra Kumar.

Aradhana-Roop tera mastana
Complete song was picturized in one shot, without any cut/retake.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:30 am 

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:21 am 

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Listen to "Jai jai shiv shankar" song from App Ki Kasam film, carefully starting from 5:05 minute, where it says - bajao re bajao, imaandari se bajao, are bajao, pachaas hazaar kharcha kar diya...
Why it's referring to 50,000 expense?
Producer/director J. Om Prakash already spent Rs. 50,000 in recording of this song but it didn't complete, so he was frustrated and mad.
Kishore Kumar did improvisation (not part of original lyrics) in the song by saying those lines at the end and J. Om Prakash laughed because this line.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:18 pm 

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About Lata Mangeshkar - Mera Naam Joker:

Saw one book in Library in Hindi (Devnagri Script) about Music History Bollywood. Glanced thru and read a few paragraphs here and there. One place they mentioned that Lata was to sing the song: Moray Ung Lag Jaa Baalma (Padmini, Part 3). Lata wanted some changes in lyrics as she said that it's too vulgar. RK did not accept Lata's changes and the song was sung by Asha with its original lyrics.

Recall, past Sangam, there was conflict between Shankar Jaikishan and Lata as SJ was promoting Sharda. As MNJ took 6 years to complete, this Lata refusal might have been before Sharda intro or just after. Also, Lata was RK's favourite singer and so was Shankar Jaikishan. It's also noteworthy that in the final cut of MNJ, there were no songs sung by Sharda even though 2 were recorded. Perhaps to stay neutral between SJ - Lata - Sharda conflict.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:53 am 

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Few more facts...

Kaagaz Ke Phool-Waqt ne kiya
This song was written by Kaifi Aazmi, music composed by SDB was not planned for this movie. Guru Dutt liked this song so much that he added a situation in the movie to add this song.

Daag-Ae mere dil kahin
Shankar created a tune for this song and asked Shailendra to write song for this tune. Shailendra went to Hanging Garden to think of this song along with N. Duttaram (Assistant of SJ). Shailendra started smoking and started thinking about this song. As soon as Shailendra got the words, but he didn't have ink in his pen. Shailendra and Duttaram asked few other people in the garden for pen, but nobody had pen. Shailendra used cigarrate butts (which he smoke) to write wordings of this song.

Prem Pujari-Shokhiyon mein ghola jaye
Initial words for this song were "Chandani mein ghola jaye". Dev Anand wanted to picturized this song this during daytime, so he asked lyricist Neeraj to rewrite mukhada and change full antaraa, which had words like "raat" etc. Song was rewritten by Neeraj with current wordings.

Rajni Gandha-Rajni Gandha phool tumhare
After song was recorded, Basu Chatterjee asked lyricist Yogesh and musician Salil Chawdhary to trim this ong by 10-15 seconds. Salil asked Basu to extend song picturization by 10-15 seconds instead of trimming the song. Basu mentioned that song is already shot because it's in the background. Salil requested to view edited song picturization and found out that song words do not match with picturization. Yogesh rewrote the song and it was re-recorded to match with picturization.

Gumraah-Chalo ek baar phir se
B.R. Chopra wanted this song in his film Gumraah, but Sahir said no to it initially. Sahir even said to BR that how can you think that I will give this song to you for this film. Later, Sahir asked BR to narrate Gumraah story to him and then Sahir was convinced that this song can fit in one of film situation.

Aradhana-Mere sapno ki raani
Shakti Samanta wanted to shoot this song in Darjeeling with minimum crew because of budget limitation, but Sharmila Tagore didn't agree with it. Sharmila was a star at that time and she wanted to take her makeup man, hair stylist, spot boy and even her mom. Shakti Samanta was not ready bear expenses for these many people. Shakti thought that Sharmila will agrre with him because he gave her a chance in hindi movies. After Sharmila didn't agree, Shakti decided to shoot this song in Darjeeling without Sharmila. Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore were never in same frame in this song. Except Sharmila's scenes, the song was picturized in Darjeeling. Sharmila's scenes were picturized in one of studios in Bombay.
As per Sharmila Tagore, this was done because of date problems.

Shri 420-Pyar hua iqraar hua
Raj Kappor explained the picturization of whole song to music directors (SJ), singers (Manna, Lata) and Nargees during rehearsal, even before actual song recording. His explanation included rain shots, chaiwala, train shot, kids in a shot etc. This is how he used to visualize the song even before song has been recoded.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna-Dum maro dum
Dev Ananad was not ready to include this song in the film because it was a negative song. Anand Bakshi and RD Burman convinced Dev Anand to do song recording. After recording, Dev Anand was not ready to picturize this song, but he just shot half of the song and this half song was included in the film.

Padosan-Ek chatu naar karke
Mehmood suggested mukhada of this song to film director Jyoti Swaroop, music director RD Burman and lyricist Rajinder Krishan. Mehmood heard these lines 27 years ago in a film, in which Mehmood's father Mumtaz Ali acted along with Ashok Kumar.
Manna Dey sang for Mehmood and Kishore Kumar sang for Sunil Dutt in this song. Manna Dey didn't agree to sing one line (are sur se bhatak gaya...) from this song because Manna Dey was accomplished singer and and he thought that this line doesn't suite him personally. So, this one particular line was dubbed by Mehmood himself.

Silsila-Neela asmaan so gaya
Tune for this song was created by Shammi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachachan during shooting of film Zameer. After few years, Amitabh suggested this tune to Yash Chopra and Shiv-Hari during song recording of Silsila. Yash Chopra and Shiv-Hari agreed to use this tune in one of Silsila's song. Amitabh called Shammi Kapoor and took his permission to use this tune in Silsila song. Hence, tune of this song was created by Shammi and Amitabh and not Shiv-Hari.

Don-Khaike paan banaras wala
After Don shooting was complete, Salim Jaaved showed this film to Manoj Kumar. Manoj Kumar commented that film is little serious after interval, so he suggested to add a scene sequence or a song with lighter moment to give a break to audience.
Kalyanji Anandji recalled a song, which they recorded 5 years ago for a movie Banarasi Babu. Dev Anand rejected this song at that time for Banarasi Babu.
This song was recoded and shot later after Don was complete. Kishore Kumar suggested that he will eat paan during song recoding and he wanted to record the song in one take, without any break. Plastic sheets were laid on the floor during song recording so that Kishore Kumar can spit during song recording. Amitabh ate 25 paan to bring reality to the song and his lips were damaged because of chuna in paan.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:23 pm 
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Veteran Hindi writer Padma Sachdev, who was very close to melody queen Lata Mangeshkar, has recently written a book in which she has disclosed for the first time that Lata was given slow poison in 1962.

In her book "Aisa kahan se laaoon", Padma Sachdev, who used to be a regular at Lata's recordings, writes: "Lataji revealed this to me. She told me, she was 33 years old in 1962. One early morning, she had a severe pain in her stomach, and she vomitted greenish clear liquid twice or thrice. She said, she was not in a position to move her limbs, and her entire body was in pain.

"Lataji's doctor was called. He came with an x-ray machine to check her, and gave her an injection to render her unconscious, because Lataji was in pain. For three days, Lataji had a close brush with death. After ten days, she began to recover. The doctor told her that somebody gave her slow poison.

"The most surprising thing was that soon after the incident, the cook who used to work at Lataji's home, suddenly vanished without taking his wages. The cook had earlier worked with some Bollywood people.
"The slow poison incident rendered Lataji very weak. She was bed-ridden for nearly 3 months. She was asked to take cold soup with ice cubes, because of pain in her intestines."

Lata Mangeshkar had revealed this incident in another interview to London-based film writer Nasreen Munni Kabir, who also verified the same with Lata's younger sister Usha Mangeshkar.

Sachdev writes: "After the incident, Bollywood lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri used to regularly visit Lataji at her home daily at 6 pm. Majrooh used to first taste the food and then allow Lata to eat. He used to recite poems and stories to keep Lata in good humour."

PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:15 am 

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"Jaata Kahaan Hai" from CID is unique because it was taken out of the movie as the censor board did not like the word "FiFFi" in the song and the seductive nature of the song.

It was supposed to have been redone but Dev Anand was in Switzerland and was not available, so they took it out of the movie, but kept it in the record and became of the biggest hit of that year and Waheeda Rehman became the new rage in her debut.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:13 am 

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An English film starring Dev Annand & Zeenat Aman in the lead roles was produced and released before the widely assumed to be Zeenat's first major film Hare Rama Hare Krishna. (Hulchal was Zeenat's first film I guess. Zeenat appeared only for a few minutes in that film). ... 0712035400

PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:20 pm 

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Dhunon Ki Yatra
Author - Pankaj Rag

It was this book that I glanced a few pages of, in a Library, and realized that it has lots of info on Indian films, music, etc and lots of tid-bits, that will be interesting and started this thread. Finally, after waiting months, this book loan came thru and am totally lost what to report or to skip. The book is almost 800 pages of fine print (1000 words per page) and has tons and tons of information, mainly names (films, music directors, actors, directors, lyricists etc), while describing Bollywood Film Music History.

There is so much, and all so interesting, that I can't even decide what to skip. All of it is so interesting. All of 800 pages of fine print.

One important thing that I noticed in the beginning of the book was that:
"We consider First Hindi/ Urdu film music director to be Feroz Shah Mistry (First Talking Hindi film ALAMARA released on March 14, 1931, at Bombay's Majestic Cinema. Singer was the hero of the film, W M Khan,
De De Khuda Ke Naam Pe Pyare,
Taaqat Hai Gar Dene Ki;
Kuchh Ager Chhahe Tau Maang Le Mujhse,
Himmat Ho Gar Lene Ki

(Before Talking Films, music/ dialogs/ commentary was provided by live orchestra)

The above segment is in the opening lines of the book and this kind of tid-bits is never ending in all of 800,000 word book. ... rev=search

Pankaj Rag mentions another author from where he got some of the info. That author is Harminder Singh Hamraaz. You can consider him to be the Encyclopedia of Hindi Film Songs. His series of books, "Hindi Film Geet Kosh" (Encyclopedia of Hindi Film Songs) is another 6-7000 pages.

My earlier post
Glanced thru and read a few paragraphs here and there. One place they mentioned that Lata was to sing the song: Moray Ung Lag Jaa Baalma (Padmini, Part 3). Lata wanted some changes in lyrics as she said that it's too vulgar. RK did not accept Lata's changes and the song was sung by Asha with its original lyrics.
was taken from this book "Dhunon Ki Yatra".

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:41 pm 

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Recently have been watching "Yaadein Haseen" on Zee HD. Excellent program. Host Shiraz Sharif was with Ameen Sayani (Famous Radio Personality) managing his Library (audio, video, print) and research. No wonder he knows so much about Bollywood.

Some of the noteworthy things he mentioned:

1) Shakila, famous heroine of old times, came as a heroine opposite almost all top Bollywood Heroes. Lots of films with Ajit. But, most surprising to find that she starred with Mahipal in over 50 films (I think he said 58 ??)
(Shakila passed away Sept 2017 viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7764&p=108333&hilit=shakila#p108333)

2) His program on N. Dutta:
First, who remembers N. Dutta (Died Dec end 1987) ?? Even if you remember, did you distinguish between N. Dutta and Dattaram ?? N.Datta gave excellent music in lots of films and many songs are very famous although you may not realize that the music was by N. Datta. Dharamputra, Dhool Ka Phool, Sadhna, Light House, Marine Drive (and film that I want to see in full again, is not available: Inspector) and many others. You may not recognize the above mentioned film names but the songs, you sure would recognize. The songs are that famous.


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