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PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2020 6:05 pm 

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TUMBBAD (2018):

Did any one notice this 2018 film ?? I came across this one and was glued to it. Refreshed my childhood memories of Angels, Witches and Mystery-treasure stories.

And, look at the review someone posted at IMDB and I agree 100% with it:


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Not really Bollywood
19 October 2018 | by samyaksambuddha

This was something that may give 'goosebumps' to the makers of Hollywood movies. This is a movie that will add to the Indian cinema a tons but unfortunately Indian cinema is not prepared for it. The viewers are not prepared for it. We are still into watching that regular melodrama and item songs. I can proudly appreciate the concept and depth that this movie offers. This shows us what a thriller can be like. The biggest attraction of the movie was the story that was very symbolic of the human craving. Human craving takes you into darkness is the message of the movie . Sohum Shah has played his part powerfully and so has Anita Date. The direction was not orthodox and was original. This is the first movie of its type and definitely Hollywood can learn from it. This is a much an improvement over the Hollywood stories like Annabelle, Conjuring. A must entertainment for all. Watch it, especially if you are not into watching the regular drama that Indian cinema offers like Race 3

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 2:44 am 
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Yes. Excellent.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 5:27 pm 

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What if a graphic novel was written about an old legend that had gods, their curses, a goddess and her favoritism? What if it was a story about man and his insufferable desire to benefit from someone else's rifts, never mind they are powerful beings who you cannot fight with humanly strengths? How about debauchery, greed, sorcery, magic and a wretched existence? Such a graphic novel has never been written, but short stories by the hundreds have been written in Stephen Kingesque fashion when King wasnt even known to the world or to Marathi author Narayan Dharap. The world created inspired by those stories is a viscous, sticky and tricky mess of man's many follies and yet out of it emerges a fable, a warning for all of us encapsulated beautifully in the very first frame of the film with a saying from the Mahatma about resources on the earth being aplenty for all but there simply isnt enough place anywhere in the universe for the greed that follows from man's infinitesmally small mind!

TUMBBAD by debutante Rahi Anil Barve is at once poetic, lilting and agonizing. It is so NOT SIMPLY a horror movie as most of us Indians will want to slot every movie into a genre. It will stay with you long after you have seen it. You wont want to rush back to theaters to rewatch it, but it will have seeped into your consciousness enough for it to be a pop-up dream, rousing you suddenly in thoughts and ruminations. It's a story of the horrors of some of man's original sins. Its clearly a labor of love. Nothing like it as far as my knowledge goes has been made in Indian cinema. For all lovers of story telling of the original kind to emerge out of our immense and rich traditions of kathaakaari, this movie needs to seen, applauded and encouraged.

If you have loved PANS LABRYINTH in the past, then go watch TUMBBAD for what we can give to the world in the form of the fantastical telling. I so wish the distributors give it a proper international release as it deserves. It is quite mesmerizing. All its faults get swept away in the end in its strong visual story telling, so sweeping, so overpowering, that is ALL that remains with you, long after the credits have rolled.

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